Learn Your Credit Rating

Acquiring an automotive loan is often an essential step when purchasing a Ford, and we have a way to assist the process. Western Slope Ford provides the Equifax® Credit Score tool, so customers can get an auto credit estimate in Colorado for free without affecting the actual rating. This secure process takes only a few minutes, and the information can be forwarded to our finance staff to begin creating a payment plan. Having a solid credit rating can lead to lower interest rates on a car loan and the ability to create some flexibility for your budget. Our finance professionals want to help you assemble a fantastic loan, and a credit score estimate is a great way to begin the process. Use the Equifax® Credit Score tool to get an auto credit estimate in Colorado, and then visit Western Slope Ford to shop for a new Ford.

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Found in 1898, Equifax® has been an industry leader in issuing credit estimates for customers. This is a simple tool, and you do not have to enter your social security number or birthday. Just follow the four steps, and you will receive an auto credit estimate in Colorado in several minutes and without affecting your credit score. Your next Ford is waiting right here at Western Slope Ford. We have many options, including versatile Ford SUVs and rugged Ford trucks. They have incredible performance and reliability, along with cutting-edge technology and cabin comforts. They are excellent on daily commutes into town and are very relaxing on a road trip. Learn your estimated credit score by using the free Equifax® Credit Score tool, and then visit our showroom to choose a new Ford.