Electric Vehicle Maintenance in Grand Junction, CO

Electric Vehicle Maintenance Grand Junction CO
All-Electric Tune Ups
Electric vehicles are among the latest and greatest resources to add to your family fleet. The benefits of these configurations are tenfold, as you welcome a modern yet refined body style with zero carbon emissions and effortless charging features. Western Slope Ford is an EV-Certified Ford dealer, and we offer valued customers all the perks, like electric vehicle maintenance in Grand Junction, CO. Electric vehicle maintenance may slightly differ from how you would service a gas-powered vehicle; however, it is just as equally important. Get your electric vehicle serviced at Western Slope Ford so you can hit the road in no time!
Electric Vehicle Service
The benefits of owning an electric vehicle extend beyond the many responsive driving qualities into the world of vehicle service. Electric cars feature no gas and, therefore, do not require frequent maintenance for oil changes or similar services like their gas-powered counterparts. This may result in fewer trips for electric vehicle maintenance in Grand Junction, CO. However, it's still wise to keep an eye on these services to improve the functioning and essential parts of your vehicle, including but not limited to the following:
Battery Maintenance

The battery is the lifeblood of your electric vehicle. Without it, you will be unable to power your car. Battery maintenance is not required like it would be for gas engines to keep your vehicle in excellent condition with zero performance issues, however, there are many things you can do to promote the longevity of your battery.

  • Live in moderate climates without extreme temperatures.

  • Avoid using fast chargers exclusively to preserve battery life.

  • Do not charge to maximum capacity or let your electric vehicle run on a low battery for an extended period. This can cause the battery to deplete faster, so many automakers suggest charging your vehicle's battery to a maximum of 85%.

Electric Vehicle Maintenance Grand Junction CO
Fluid Levels
As you would for gas-powered vehicles, when you visit for electric vehicle maintenance in Grand Junction, CO, our Ford-certified technicians will check your cooling system and wiper fluid levels. It is important to consistently check your wiper fluid levels, refill when necessary, and purchase new wipers when old ones become worn or damaged.
Brakes & Brake Pads
Brakes are essential for your safety and that of others, so it is essential to ensure your brakes are working as they should. During electric maintenance visits in Grand Junction, CO, we will check your brake fluid levels, brakes, and brake pads, to monitor the condition of your rotors.
Electric Vehicle Maintenance Grand Junction CO
One of the cons of electric car maintenance is that you may need to replace your tires more often than you would with a gas-powered car. This is because the tires of electric vehicles often experience more wear and tear due to the weight of the battery.
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Is your electric vehicle overdue for a tune-up? Visit Western Slope Ford for electric vehicle maintenance in Grand Junction, CO.

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