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A multitude of components work together so your beloved vehicle can run smoothly. Over time, many of these parts need a refresh, but they can occur at different points, making it challenging to find when to service each system. We assembled this Ford service guide for Grand Junction Colorado with all the information pages about specific maintenance trends and techniques. This maintenance research hub spotlights all the essential service tasks, and lists the pages in our links below. If you have a question about the appropriate time to get an oil change or it is time for brake replacements, click on the page below, and it will open right up. Our Grand Junction Colorado Ford service guide houses more than general service, it also includes pages about Seasonal Service and the meaning of dashboard lights. Find the appropriate page you need and click on it for more information. Then schedule your next service visit at Western Slope Ford.

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The information presented by our service advisors will provide a complete picture of the various tasks we perform on your vehicle. Our oil change page goes over how it is critical to receive this service about every 7,500 miles. You also can learn about tire care and how between 6,000 and 8,000 miles is the best time for a tire rotation. Our Ford service guide in Grand Junction Colorado even goes over different maintenance required for specific times of the year on our Seasonal Service page. Get an in-depth description of what the lights on your dashboard mean if they illuminate. Click on the page you need, and schedule your next maintenance checkup at Western Slope Ford.

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